Distinction between steel structure and steel grid

The steel structure has large space, beautiful appearance, good integrity and stability, and can meet various shapes such as various large venues, airports, high-speed rail, etc. The steel frame network structure belongs to a kind of steel structure, which belongs to the same type of steel structure. However, the difference between steel frame mesh structure and steel structure lies in the connection mode, structural materials used and the difference between structural form and structural system

I. First, from the connection way:

1. Steel structure joints are considered as rigid joints, usually welded.

2. Mesh joints are considered to be hinged and are usually bolted.

II. In terms of materials and forms:

1. Steel structure is from the point of view of structural materials.

2. In terms of structural form, grid structure can be divided into steel grid, aluminum alloy grid, etc., but in practical application, steel grid structure is mainly composed of steel grid, steel frame, steel portal frame, etc.

III. In terms of structural system:

1. The steel grid structure belongs to the spatial structure system, and the overall stress and spatial deformation should be considered in the calculation;

2. The steel structure is similar to the plane steel truss, which is a one-way stress structure. As long as the strength and stability in the plane are calculated, the stability out of the plane mainly depends on brace and tie bar.

3. Compared with the steel grid structure, the steel structure omits the bottom chord longitudinal members and the spherical joints of the grid structure. Steel truss structure is developed on the basis of steel grid structure. Compared with grid structure, truss structure is more economical.

At the same time, the steel structure processing plant needs rich experience in bending bar processing, especially in steel pipe processing and welding quality control.